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How Your Equipment Service Vehicle Can Impact Your Bottom Line

How Your Equipment Service Vehicle Can Impact Your Bottom Line


There are few things more critical for heavy equipment fleets than regular maintenance and service. Equipment service can be costly, time-intensive and slow down your entire worksite without the right service truck, and that makes finding a reliable fuel and lube truck one of the most important considerations for equipment managers.  Having a Southwest Products fuel and lube truck as part of your service truck fleet can have a positive effect on your bottom line, saving you money with longer-lasting components, more accurate and efficient fuel delivery and resilient body construction.

SWP lube trucks are equipped with cutting-edge fueling technology that makes fueling all manners of equipment fast and cost-efficient. Each of our lube trucks is equipped with a hydraulic-driven SWP fuel pump, which lasts up to several million gallons longer than pumps on some other lube trucks. This lowers your cost of ownership by increasing replacement time and ensures your truck spends less time down for maintenance. SWP lube trucks are also equipped with hydraulic driven product pumps that deliver oil and fuel at a much faster pace, making your vehicle the more productive when out on a job site. The use of a Hydrapak hydraulic oil cooling package provides two benefits over units without this type of system. It ensures the oil-driven system maintains a proper temperature and also reduces the volume of hydraulic oil in the system by approximately 50 gallons thus reducing weight and cost of annual fluid replacement.

Not only do you save time while fueling but you also save money. SWP’s lube trucks are outfitted with top-of-the-line fuel meters that allow for superior tracking and reporting of dispensed fuel, ensuring that you are able to track your fuel costs better and adjust as needed. With a multi-speed pumping design, you can set the desired speed to the specification of the equipment’s tanks which increases the efficiency of operations and lowers your labor costs. We recommend installing one or more of our filter options to the delivery system(s) to help clean the fluid before delivery to your machine and reduce the amount of filtration required by the machine’s filter system.

Having a fuel and lube truck that is durably built and high quality offers significant parts and service cost benefits. While this may seem obvious, the materials that your fuel and lube truck are made with matter and can have a big impact on your total cost of ownership. SWP lube trucks are made from ASTM A36 steel, which is then coated in worksite-tested epoxy primer and urethane paint. The certified carbon structural steel used in our tanks, beds and components is designed to provide longevity and protection for your investment in tough working conditions over many years.

Other standard features on SWP fuel and lube trucks that others only offer as options shield you from unplanned expenses. Without a spring mounted bed platform, fuel tanks are prone to ruptures and leaks after years of service that not only require costly replacement, but can cause loss of expensive fuel and oil. Cross-baffled fuel tanks on the fore and aft secure your fuel and mitigate sloshing when driving over rough terrain. The use of numerous bulkhead fittings reduces the number of leaks that occur over time from hose contact and abrasion.

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