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Customized Crane Truck Solutions

Increase Your Productivity

Our team can help you build custom trucks with high-quality cranes from IMT and Manitex

Truck Mounted Cranes

SWP’s crane truck mounted cranes, articulating/knuckleboom cranes and hydraulic loaders help you accomplish more on your job sites. Whether your crane truck will be working on a construction site, in a mine, moving materials, assisting with utility maintenance, handling tires or transporting heavy equipment, SWP’s truck mounted crane team can specify and customize a truck to successfully accomplish the unique challenges you face.

Our crane trucks make your loading and unloading safe and efficient with operator ground controls and fully proportional radio transmitters. Hydraulic systems and electronic controls make startup and shutdown as effortless as possible. SWP also designs platforms and crane truck accessories that can increase your job site capabilities. Hydraulic winch options and boom tip functions for attachments are available.

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Manitex Truck Mounted Articulated Crane
Manitex Truck Mounted Boom Crane
IMT Truck Mounted Articulated Crane



Increased Lifting Capacity:

With crane ratings from 18,100 ft-lb (2.5 tm) to 557,665 ft-lb (77.1 tm) and lift capacity of 1,740 lbs. to 38,185 lbs., our crane trucks increase your lifting capacity.

Greater Reach:

SWP’s crane trucks have horizontal reach from 10’ 2” to 67’ 3” and vertical reach up to 79′ (without jib attachments), extending your reach capabilities.

Greater Durability:

Purposeful technology makes IMT cranes lift more, reach farther, and last longer – so you can stick to your schedule, stay under budget, and move on to the next project.

Precise Maneuvering:

Our trucks feature operator-friendly radio remotes with linear paddle and joystick controls, making precise maneuvers easy and effortless.

Truck Mounted Crane Categories


Articulating Crane Trucks < 15.5 tm

Hydraulic Loaders

Boom Truck Cranes

Industrial Cranes

Articulating Crane Trucks > 16 tm

Telescopic Cranes

Carry Deck Cranes

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