IMT Dominator III

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IMT Dominator III

IMT Dominator III



The Dominator III mechanics truck is designed to provide strength and performance in almost any industry. With a multiplex electrical system that has programmable logic increased reliability, both manual and hydraulic stabilizers, and enhanced stability for higher crane loads, the Dominator III allows you to bring a higher level of reliable service to the field or job site.

  • 12,000 lb. crane
  • 12’ main boom w/26’ extension
  • 80,000 ft-lb. body rating

Do the jobsites in which you work demand a custom service truck? Whether you need a few minor tweaks to a stock truck or a “from the ground up” custom mechanics truck build, our custom service truck team can help you accomplish what you need. See a few of our custom mechanics trucks in our custom truck gallery. 

Technical Specifications


Dominator III
Body Rating 80,000 ft-lb (11.1 tm)
Sidepack Height 52” and 60”
Body Width 98” (249 cm)
Compartment Storage Capacity 173.4 – 202.4 cubic ft
Body Weight 5487 – 5682 lb


Multiplex Electrical System
Programmable logic allows for increased electrical control capabilities while reducing the amount of wire used.

Increased Work Space and Storage
Standard features include a 25” deep workbench with 3” clam edge and 7.7 cubic feet of storage.

Energy-Absorbing Boom Support

For operators who use a crane, an energy-absorbing boom support dissipates energy created from the crane boom. This relieves pressure that would be transmitted to the sidepack top, preventing potential breakage and damage to the truck.

High-Intensity Lighting

LED light bars provide superior light penetration for enhanced visibility in the compartments.


The IMT Dominator III has a body rating of 80,000 ft-lb. This body can take the following cranes:

  • 12000 Model

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