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IMT Dominator II

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IMT Dominator II

IMT Dominator II




With enhanced strength and stability, our IMT Dominator II mechanics trucks are made to handle higher crane loads and provide the durability any jobsite requires. This truck comes in three different lengths with patent-pending energy-absorbing boom support and optional high-intensity light package.

  • 10,000 lb. crane
  • Up to 30 ft. boom reach
  • 75,000 ft-lb. body rating

For those who need something a bit extra, our custom truck team offers both customization of our stock bodies and ground-up custom mechanics truck builds. From special paint jobs or specific drawer configurations, to completely custom mechanics truck builds from scratch, our custom truck body team can build what you need.

Technical Specifications



Dominator II (11’) Dominator II (13’) Dominator II (14’)
Body Rating 75,000 ft-lb (10.4 tm) 75,000 ft-lb (10.4 tm) 75,000 ft-lb (10.4 tm)
Sidepack Height 52” (132.1 cm) 52” (132.1 cm) 52” (132.1 cm)
Body Width 96” (243.9 cm) 96” (243.9 cm) 96” (243.9 cm)
Compartment Storage Capacity 133.5 – 156.8 cubic ft 170.9 cubic ft 195.2 – 211.4 cubic ft
Body Weight 3722 – 3897 lb 4205 lb 4439 – 4553 lb


Multiplex Electrical System
Programmable logic allows for increased electrical control capabilities while reducing the amount of wire used.

Increased Work Space and Storage
Standard features include a 25” deep workbench with 3” clam edge and 7.7 cubic feet of storage.

High-Intensity Lighting
 – LED light bars provide superior light penetration for enhanced visibility in the compartments.

Energy-Absorbing Boom Support
– For operators who use a crane, an energy-absorbing boom support dissipates energy created from the crane boom. This relieves pressure that would be transmitted to the sidepack top, preventing potential breakage and damage to the truck.


  • Adjustable divided shelves
  • Air compressors
    • IMT compressors
    • VMAC compressors
    • PTO and engine-driven compressors
  • Power units and all-in-ones
  • Manual and hydraulic stabilizers
  • Compartment pressurization system
  • Crane box
  • Lube skid
  • Drawer sets
  • Hydraulic-driven generator
  • Welders
  • Oxy-acet brackets
  • Radio remote control
  • Lube systems and equipment

The IMT Dominator II has a body rating of 75,000 ft-lb . This body can take the following cranes:

  • 2003i Model
  • 3203i Model
  • 4004i Model
  • 5005i Model
  • 6006i Model
  • 1015 Model
  • 2020 Model
  • 2820 Model
  • 6000 Model
  • 7500 Model
  • 8600 Model
  • 9500 Model
  • 10000 Model

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