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IMT Dominator I

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IMT Dominator I

IMT Dominator I



With enhanced strength and stability, our IMT Dominator II mechanics trucks are made to handle higher crane loads and provide the durability any job site requires. This truck comes in three different lengths with patent-pending energy-absorbing boom support and optional high-intensity light package.

  • Body can accept up to a 7500 lb telescopic crane with wireless remote control system
  • Standard CAS40P reciprocating piston style air compressor 40cfm@100psi
  • ½” x 50’ spring rewind air hose reel
  • Filter/Regulator/Lubricator unit for air system
  • 22” deep workbench with 5/16” plate work surface and 6.4 cubic feet of lockable storage
  • Body designed to fit Ford F450/F550 or Dodge 4500/5500 chassis packages

Need a custom mechanics truck? With more than 50 years of custom service truck body building experience, we can customize your IMT Dominator or build a mechanics truck from scratch for you. Take a look at a few of the custom service trucks we’ve built.


Technical Specifications

Dominator I – 9’ Dominator I – 11’
Body Rating 52,000 ft-lb (7.3 tm) 52,000 ft-lb (7.3 tm)
Sidepack Height 44” (111.8 cm)* 44” (111.8 cm)*
Body Width 96” (243.9 cm) 96” (243.9 cm)
Compartment Storage (Cubic ft) 97.2 – 104.2 ft3* 120.5 – 170.9 ft3
Body Weight 2728 – 2806 lbs* 3103 – 3495 lbs*

NOTE* cubic feet of storage, sidepack heights and body weights subject to configured body styles and cabinet choices.

  • BODY SUBSTRUCTURE: Patented inverted A‐frame design w/torsion plate. Constructed of 10 gauge galvannealed steel, includes an integral crane box, front and rear stabilizer housings
  • BODY MATERIALS: Sidepacks are constructed of 10 and 12 gauge Galvannealed steel, cargo bed deck is 1/8” diamond plate
  • DOORS: Constructed of 14 gauge Galvannealed steel, internal formed eaves and hemmed edges, 3 point latches with rotary T handles, stainless steel hinges and hardware and composite washers.
  • TAILGATE: 10” tall, “slam style” with dual inside cargo bed latches and 90 degree positive stop
  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Multiplex electrical system with programmable logic for increased reliability, central power distribution point, automotive style harness with overbraid for additional protection, white wires with circuit function printed every 3”


Standard features include a 22” deep workbench with 3” clamp edge 6.6 cubic feet of lockable storage. Body has 97.2‐170.0 cubic feet of lockable storage (dependent upon body length and cabinet configuration).

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM – Multiplex electrical system with programmable logic for increased reliability, central power distribution point, automotive style harness with overbraid for additional protection, white wires with circuit function printed every 3”, turn, stop and signal and side marker lights are LED, reverse lights are incandescent.

REDESIGNED ENERGY ABSORBING BOOM SUPPORT – A totally redesigned crane boom support for bodies equipped with cranes. This boom support dissipates energy created from the crane boom and is designed to relieve pressure that could be transmitted to the sidepack top, preventing potential breakage and damage to the body.

– All interior cabinets are now provided with high lumen LED strip lighting. Exterior worklights are also high lumen LED lights that draw minimal amperage to extend chassis battery life when used without the vehicle running.


  • ADJUSTABLE SHELVES: Removable, adjustable shelves are available for all cabinets (with the exception of the right rear cabinet), standard shelving, adjustable divided shelving and bookshelves are available.
  • DRAWER SETS: IMT provides standard drawer sets for virtually every cabinet, these are available in various configurations as to the height, width, and number of drawers per unit. Specifications vary with 7” drawers, 5” drawers and 3” drawers. Standard drawer sliders are rated at 250 lbs. All standard units are provided with individual locking drawers, divider sets and mats. Custom drawer sets are available also, these are based on the customer’s requirements for number of drawers and height configurations and are equipped with 250 or 300lb sliders, these units are standard in white, but can be color-matched to customer requirements, as a personal touch, the drawer handles on these custom units can be engraved with end user’s name.
  • PULL OUT TRAYS: IMT supplies pull out trays that can be used for workbench applications and fits various cabinets. Custom units are available based on end user’s requirements
  • FIRE PROOF STORAGE: Based on end user’s application, storage for flammable materials can be provided. Fire Proof boxes are available in several sizes, some that fit in the cabinets and larger ones that would be mounted on the sidepack.
  • BOLT BINS: IMT also provides bolt bin storage (basic pull out drawers with dividers), these come in 2, 4, 5,16 and 18 drawers based on cabinet placement, these pieces are galvanneal steel and not painted. Custom 18 and 20 drawer bolt bins are available for various cabinets and come with dividers, these units are standard in white, but can be color-matched to customer requirements.
  • AIR COMPRESSOR: All Dominator 1’s come standard with the IMT CAS40P reciprocating piston style air compressor, 40cfm@100psi, The IMT CAS45R rotary screw style air compressor is also available for the Dominator 1, this is a 45cfm@150psi unit. The other option is for a gasoline powered air compressor to be utilized, customer has a choice of a Champion 35cfm@100psi or a Vanair PRO 35 (35cfm@100psi) to be integrated with the system.
  • STABILIZERS: IMT offers three rear stabilizer system with the Dominator 1 body. The first in a left rear (stationary) crank down/up unit, with the right rear being a manual pull out, crank down, crank up unit. The second is a left rear (stationary) power up/power down unit with the right rear being a manual pull out, power up/power down unit. The third system is a left rear (stationary) power up/power down unit with the right rear being a full power extend/retract power up/power down unit.
  • POWER GENERATION: SWP offers a wide variety of hydraulic-driven generator systems (these are based on customer requirements for voltage and watts), we also provide a multitude of power inverters of varying wattage that can charge battery-operated tools and flashlights, power laptops, or run other electrical devices. The Dominator body can be equipped with remote GFCI 120/240 outlets for power distribution.
  • WELDERS: SWP offers a large base of Miller and Lincoln welders, these can be mounted on the left rear sidepack or in the cargo bed with the control panel cut‐thru into the back of the RV1 cabinet (for security). As welders also provide electrical power, SWP can equip the Dominator with remote GFCI 120/240 outlets for power distribution. Welding kits that include 2 each 50’ welding leads, electrode holder and ground clamps are also available. Speak with your IMT sales Specialist for details on welders
  • HEADACHE RACK: SWP offers a custom fabricated headache rack to protect the rear window of the chassis cab from being broken, these are formed and punched steel pieces that are painted to match the body and cab
  • CARGO FENCE: SWP manufactures custom removable cargo fences that provide protection for bed-mounted welders, All-in-One Units, fresh and waste oil tanks.
  • FLEXIBLE STEPS: In addition to the extruded bumper-mounted rear steps on the Dominator body, SWP can also provide rubber strap mouthed steps with an expanded metal tread plate that bolts below the IMT step. These steps provide for easy, safe 3 points of contact access to the cargo bed.
  • TRAILER HITCH & TRAILER PLUG: The Dominator 1 body comes standard with a 7 pin round trailer plug, a 7 pin flat plug can be provided. Combination pintle hook or standard ball hitches are available.
  • VISE & VISE BRACKET: SWP can supply top of the line Wilton vises from the standard 4‐1/2” up to an 8” unit. Removable vise mount brackets are also available that allow the end-user to store the vise in one of the cabinets when not in use to prevent undo weathering. Special vises are also available upon request
  • MINE PACKAGE: For customer that must meet M.S.H.A. and or O.S.H.A. requirements, SWP offers a “Mine Package” that includes the following; wheel chocks, Whip flag with LED light tip (customer’s choice of color), rotating amber strobe light, LED flush mount strobe lights for front and rear of vehicle, Basic First Aid Kit, (97db backup alarm is standard on all Dominators, as is “high and low” louvered cabinet vents for Oxy/Ace bottles stored in RV1, warning triangle and fire extinguisher). The package can be customized to meet customer requirements.
  • BACK UP CAMERA SYSTEM: SWP offers several backup camera systems, ask your IMT sales specialist about the system that’s right for your application
  • CRANE CERTIFICATION: SWP provides stability testing for all Dominators equipped with a crane. CAL/OSHA certification can be provided for units heading for end-use in California.
  • FRESH OIL SYSTEMS: SWP can provide Fresh oil tanks of various capacities with air actuated pumps that are mounted in the cargo bed with spring rewind or air operated reels mounted in the cabinets or on top of the sidepack (customer choice).
  • WASTE OIL SYSTEMS: SWP can provide waste (salvage) oil tanks of various capacities with air-actuated pumps that are mounted in the cargo bed with spring rewind or air operated reels mounted in the cabinets or on top of the sidepack (customer choice).
  • FUEL TANKS: SWP can supply diesel fuel tanks of various capacities with product appropriate pumps that are mounted in the cargo bed with spring rewind or air operated reels mounted in the cabinets or on top of the sidepack (customer choice).
  • WINCHES, BRUSH GUARDS AND HEAVY DUTY FRONT BUMPERS: Winches of various capacities, heavy-duty front bumper/brush guard combinations are available upon request and are based on customer requirements
  • SELF CONTAINED POWER UNITS: SWP can provide Miller EnPak and Vanair I300D All in One power units to operate the Dominator 1 systems. These units can eliminate the need for a hydraulic or gasoline powered air compressor, welder, a transmission mounted PTO and hydraulic pump and generator/power inverter. These are standalone units that encompass a small diesel engine powering an internal hydraulic pump to run the crane, a built in rotary screw air compressor, a generator (6‐7kw) that offers 120 and 240-volt power, and a welder. These units do not require the chassis to be running which is a consideration for fuel consumption and wear and tear on the chassis engine, or if you are in a location that prohibits the chassis from running at idle due to emission laws. These units have external hydraulic tanks and can be cargo bed mounted or sidepack mounted.
  • PAINT: SWP as a standard, utilizes high-quality industrial paint on each Dominator body, the standard is white to match the chassis cab, but customer preference of color can be accommodated in one of our two state-of-the-art paint booths. Pick your color and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • BEDLINER MATERIAL: SWP can supply anti‐slip bedliner material in the cargo bed, sidepack tops, workbench, etc.
  • WORK LIGHTS: A multitude of LED lights are available from SWP, these are all high quality, high lumen, low amperage draw units, the standard Dominator 1 comes with two rear sidepack mounted LED work lights, SWP can add additional lights as per required by the customer, basic steel telescopic poles to full height aluminum poles can be mounted on the rear or the front of the Dominator body, roof-mounted lights are also available, ask your IMT sales specialist for details.

The IMT Dominator 1 body has a 52,000 ft‐lb rating. The body can be upfit with the following Electro‐Hydraulic or fully hydraulic cranes:

Technical Specifications

Electro‐Hydraulic Operated Cranes Hydraulic Operated Cranes
Model Max Lift Capacity Model Max Lift Capacity
1015 3200 lbs. 1015 3200 lbs.
2020 5000 lbs. 2020 5000 lbs.
3203i 4000 lbs. 2820 5000 lbs
4004i 4000 lbs. 6000 6000 lbs.
5005i 5000 lbs. 7500 7500 lbs.
6006i 6000 lbs.

Speak with your IMT sales specialist to obtain application specific configurations as each crane has various overall lengths, options for hydraulic or manual telescopic sections, remote options and ft‐lb ratings.

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