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High Quality Mechanics Trucks

Built for Optimal Performance

Southwest Products offers endless options to create the right truck for your business.

IMT Mechanics Trucks

Designed with enhanced strength and stability for higher crane loads, as well as numerous configuration possibilities, our Dominator® mechanics trucks deliver raw power, flexibility, and work-saving features that competitors can’t come close to. IMT Dominator trucks feature a utility body with easy-access compartments with a patented shelf hanger system allowing the operator to reposition the shelves for more storage space. A built-in workbench comes complete with vises and vise plates, giving operators on-the-job versatility. Our service trucks also feature high-intensity work and compartment lights, providing superior light penetration for enhanced visibility. Can’t find the truck you’re looking for? We can build a custom truck body, suited to solve any unique needs you may have.

Crane operations are enhanced by an energy-absorbing boom support dissipates energy created from the crane boom. This relieves pressure that would be transmitted to the sidepack top, preventing potential breakage and damage to the service body. Add a multiplex electrical system with programmable logic, which increases electrical control capabilities while reducing the amount of wire used, and you have a Dominator truck that’s conquered the market in both strength and smarts. Contact our team today to learn more.



IMT Mechanics Truck with IMT Crane
IMT Mechanics Trucks
IMT Mechanics Truck with Weld Deck and Crane



LED Lighting:

All interior cabinets come standard with super-bright LED strip lighting. Exterior worklights are also high lumen LED lights that draw minimal amperage – extending chassis battery life when used without the vehicle running.

Boom Support:

For bodies equipped with cranes, the redesigned energy-absorbing boom dissipates energy created from the crane boom by relieving any pressure transmitted to the sidepack top, preventing potential breakage and damage to the body.

Electrical System:

Each IMT mechanics truck is equipped with a multiplex electrical system with programmable logic, increasing reliability and providing a central power distribution point.

Increased Work Space and Storage:

The Dominator’s deep workbench and large amount of lockable storage maximizes your workable area, allowing more space to store your tools and work in the field.

IMT Mechanics Trucks Products



IMT Dominator I



IMT Dominator III



IMT Dominator DSC12



SwapBox™ Interchangeable Module



IMT Dominator II



IMT Dominator IV



IMT Dominator DSC20


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