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Fuel Only Trucks

Large Capacity Job Site Fueling

Get large scale fueling jobs done faster with our fuel only truck series

Fuel Only Truck

Fuel Only Truck


When you need to maximize fueling capacity, the 3,600 gallon fuel only truck brings uncompromised durability and performance for industries including construction, service fleets, mining, and more. The fuel only truck represents a commitment to overall customer satisfaction at the highest level. This fuel only truck is one of your most important tools for job site fueling.







Technical Specifications

Qty Capacity
Fuel Compartment 1 3,600 Gallons
Oil Tanks n/a n/a
Stainless Steel Coolant Tank n/a n/a
Waste Oil Tank n/a n/a
Air Compressor n/a n/a
Grease Drum and Kit n/a n/a


Industry-Leading Hydraulic Components: Only the best, most reliable components are used in our hydraulic systems to provide the best performance so you can operate with the speed and efficiency necessary to improve your bottom line.

Cross-Baffled Fuel Tank: Fuel tanks are baffled both fore and aft as well as side-to-side to keep your fuel secure so that you are better able to reach your fleet in severe terrain safely.

Spring Mounted Bed Platform: Both the fuel tank and bed platform are spring mounted fore and aft to allow the bed movement during travel to protect the tanks against unnecessary stress, giving the entire body a longer life.

ASTM A36 Steel: Certified carbon structural steel is used in construction of all of our tanks, as well as the lube truck beds. Hardened steel gives you the durability you want for the longevity, reliability, and safety you need.

State-of-the-art Paint Process: Steel shot media blast followed by Epoxy primer and Urethane paint is used to protect your lube body against the harsh environment in which you work. It also helps your truck maintain its new look longer than a paint system of lesser quality, and maintains the professional appearance you worked hard to attain.

Maintenance Friendly Plumbing: JIC fittings, manifolds and bulk heading are paramount to a leak-free, maintenance friendly plumbing system that gives you the ability to “take apart” not “”tear apart” your plumbing in the event you need to change out lines or pumps so you can focus on maintaining your equipment and not your lube truck.


  • Adding 50 gallon hydraulic pressure wash system including hand wash
  • Install five roll out drawers set in underbody box
  • Remove double sided cabinet and install 120 gallon Poly 12V DEF system
  • Install false wall over poly tank (painted to match body)
  • Install Lincoln DEF system will 75 gallon stainless tank and stainless fittings
  • Install Petro Clear fuel filter (single head with 1 filter elements)
  • Install Donaldson fuel filter (Single head with 1 filter elements)
  • Install Donaldson oil filters (x4)
  • Pressureless fuel fill system
  • Replace standard fuel nozzle with wiggens
  • Adding (x4) XD16 LED lights on reel cabinet
  • Replace 2500 work lights for XD16 LED lights
  • Adding (x4) 4401 HID lights on reel cabinet
  • Replace 2500 work lights for 4401 HID lights
  • Adding (x4) 5600 HID lights on reel cabinet
  • Replace 2500 work lights for 5600 HID lights


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