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Manitex CD100i Carry Deck Crane

Carry Deck Crane

Designed to lift loads that can’t easily be reached by a traditional crane or forklift

Manitex CD100i Carry Deck Crane Truck

Manitex CD100i Carry Deck Crane


The Manitex CD100i is our new industrial crane designed to lift loads that can’t easily be reached by a traditional crane or forklift. The 10-ton, cab-down crane maneuvers smoothly through cramped machine shops or shipyards and, with its unique outrigger system, can be positioned close to the load.


  • Lift safely. Out-and-down outriggers extend adding stability and letting you inch closer to the load.
  • Increase productivity. Lift a full load and move it 360 degrees at five feet radius.
  • See clearly. With its low profile and expansive use of glass, you’ll never lose sight of your load.
  • Minimize risk. Electro-hydraulic controls are standard so there’s no risk of high-pressure hose leaks in the cab.
  • Rest assured. Built entirely by Badger, all components on the CD90i are covered by warranty. Extended warranty packages are also available.
  • Meet the latest EPA tiered engine requirements. The CD90i engine complies with the current U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air emissions standards.


Base Specifications
Engine Standard: PSI 3.0L Dual Fuel, Rated power: 70 hp (52.1 kW) @ 2500 rpm
Transmission DANA® synchromesh 4-speeds forward and reverse with electrical steer model 1102FT12410
Length, transport position 15.17 ft. (4.62 m)
Height, transport position 7.15 ft. (2.18 m)
Weight 16,535 lbs. (7,500 kg)
Maximum tip height 32.95 ft. (10 m)
Speed 18 mph

Specification Manitex CD100i Carry Deck Crane
Rating20,000 lbs @ 5' radius
Max Horizontal Reach24.5 ft.
Max Vertical Lift Height33 ft. max boom tip height
Operating Weight16,535 lbs. (7,500 kg)


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