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The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an immense impact in our communities.
Our primary concern is for the safety of our team members and customers.
Currently, we are operating as normal except for in-person training (tentatively suspended until August).
We continue to monitor the situation at all of our locations and will provide updates as necessary.

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Equipping the Fueling Experts with Better Accuracy & Efficiency

Equipping the Fueling Experts with Better Accuracy & Efficiency

MFR-Yellow-Truck - Southwest Products

Mobile Force Refueling (MFR) is the premier heavy equipment and fleet fueling service provider in the Southwest. They go above and beyond in their services for heavy equipment and commercial fleets. For busy contractors, builders and commercial fleets, MFR offers tailored refueling services and DEF fueling that are crucial to the operation of workforces and jobsites.

An innovative refueling company such as MFR needs a durable and advanced fuel truck in order to provide next-level customer service. That’s why MFR relies on Southwest Products to build service trucks that lower their cost of ownership, provide more efficient fueling and last longer with time-tested construction. To deliver on MFR’s mission of unbeatable customer service, they chose Southwest Products to supply all of the custom lube and fuel trucks in their fleet – including the most recent, the 60th MFR truck built by SWP.

MFR prides itself on providing highly-precise dispensing data and billing, and SWP’s lube trucks have advanced hardware that allows them to dispense, track and bill their customers with a higher level of accuracy – cutting fuel-billing issues and eliminating human error. With SWP’s high quality fuel meters and inventory management, MFR delivers on its promise to provide accurate measurement and billing, saving their clients money at the pump and allowing for better cost tracking.

Equipped with hydraulic-driven fuel pumps that last several million gallons longer than standard pumps, MFR’s fuel trucks dispense fuel quickly and accurately reducing labor and operating costs. In today’s world of unpredictable oil prices, SWP’s fuel trucks add value for MFR and their customers.

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