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The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an immense impact in our communities.
Our primary concern is for the safety of our team members and customers.
Currently, we are operating as normal except for in-person training (tentatively suspended until August).
We continue to monitor the situation at all of our locations and will provide updates as necessary.

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SWP Awarded for Excellence in Isuzu Parts and Sales

SWP Awarded for Excellence in Isuzu Parts and Sales

Awarded for Excellence in Isuzu Parts and Sales - Southwest Products

Earlier this month, Southwest Products was honored with two awards at the Isuzu Distributor Conference – both of which commended SWP’s excellence in its sales efforts and the high level of service that it provides its customers.

SWP was awarded two separate-silver level awards for its work in 2015 in the fields of Industrial Engine Sales and Non-Road Parts sales. SWP was the only distributor to be awarded in two distinct sales areas, highlighting SWP’s ability to continually provide effective solutions for its customers in a variety of applications.

Southwest Products is one of Isuzu’s largest OEM engine suppliers in North America and provides custom application design and engineering for specific packaging requirements. SWP provides plug-and-play Isuzu engine packages by performing all pre-delivery upfitting and modification, and offers flexible delivery with a large inventory.

The awards are a hallmark of the high level of service that SWP provides as it continually improves and innovates its Industrial Engine division.

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