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Our primary concern is for the safety of our team members and customers.
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Isuzu Engines

High power, low emissions

Isuzu engines are quiet, fuel efficient and durable

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Isuzu Engines


Southwest Products is one of Isuzu’s largest OEM engine suppliers in North America. The majority of our work involves custom application design and engineering for specific packaging requirements. We perform all pre-delivery up-fitting and modification providing the end customer a plug-n-play power solution. Our large inventory enables us to flexibly deliver engines based on our customers’ just-in-time inventory needs. Southwest Products enjoys strong relationships with our OEM customers and they have come to rely on us as strong a value added partner. For nearly 70 years, Isuzu has been pioneering numerous technological innovations in the diesel engine field. Isuzu offers its customers more than 30 different clean, fuel-efficient engines.


  • Custom application design and engineering
  • Engines ranging from 15 to 512 HP
  • Durable, quiet and efficient running engines
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • Large, accessible parts and service network
  • Eco-friendly, low emissions
  • Popular in municipal, industrial and agricultural applications

Technical Specifications

Model Power Range Document Description
Isuzu 3C Series 11.9 kW – 17.8 kW Specification Sheet
Isuzu 4H Series 129.0 kW – 140.0 kW Specification Sheet
Isuzu 4L Series 30.0 – 49.0 kW Specification Sheet
Isuzu 6U Series 105.0 kW – 270.0 kW Specification Sheet
Isuzu 6W Series 140.0 kW – 382.0 kW Specification Sheet
Isuzu 6H Series 70.0 kW – 210.0 kW Specification Sheet

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