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Value Plus 8 Generators


Let us help you harness durable power solutions you need for your most challenging applications.

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VP 8 Generators


Southwest Products’ Value Plus 8 kW diesel generators are powered by highly-reliable Perkins diesel engines and fully-brushless, self-excited, and electronically-regulated alternators. Ideal for a variety of applications including construction, commercial, off-grid, solar, and agriculture, these units are the best choice to keep your business running. Paired with uncompromising service and support, choose the advantage of SWP’s Value Plus series. For power wherever and whenever you need it.

  • User-friendly, digital controller with multiple warning sensors
  • Two-wire auto start with heavy-duty Perkins diesel engine
  • Emergency standby/stationary labeled engine (NSPS)
  • Heavy-duty two-stage air cleaner
  • Standard Perkins engine warranty
  • 12V electrical system

VP Brochure (T4F)

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VP Brochure (T4F)

Technical Specifications

Emergency Standby/Flex Tier 4 Final/Mobile
Model VP-8-P-NSPS n/a
Available Phases 1PH/3PH n/a
Available Voltages 120/240 | 120/208 | 277/480 n/a
Standby Rating kVA/kWe 10 kVA/8 kWe n/a
Prime Rating kVA/kWe 9.5 kVA / 7.6 kWe n/a
Alternator Mecc Alte, Stamford, Marathon n/a

Engine Specifications

Standby/Stationary Tier 4 Final/Mobile
Engine Mfg Perkins n/a
Model Number 403D-11G n/a
Prime Output HP (Gross) 10.7 n/a
Standby Output HP (Gross) 11.8 n/a
Emissions Certification Standby/NSPS n/a

Fuel Specifications (gal/h)

Standby/Stationary Tier 4 Final/Mobile
25% Load n/a
50% Load 0.39 n/a
75% Load 0.54 n/a
100% Load 0.69 n/a

Alternator Specifications – 125/40 C Temperature Rise Class H Insulation

Standby/Stationary Tier 4 Final/Mobile
3P 480 Volt Prime Amps PF 0.811.4 11.4 n/a
3P 480 Volt Standby Amps PF 0.8 12.0 n/a
3P 120/208 Volt Prime Amps PF 0.8 26.4 n/a
3P 120/208 Volt Standby Amps PF 0.8 27.8 n/a
3P 120/240 Volt Prime Amps PF 0.8 22.9 n/a
3P 120/240 Volt Standby Amps PF 0.8 24.1 n/a
1P 120/240 Volt Prime Amps – Dedicated 4 Wire PF 1.0 31.7 n/a
1P 120/240 Volt Standby Amps – Dedicated 4 Wire PF 1.0 33.30 n/a

Dimension Specifications

Standby/Stationary Tier 4 Final/Mobile
Length 37″ n/a
Width 18″ n/a
Width w/ Supports 33″ n/a
Height 34″ n/a
Weight 570 lb 570 lb


Generator Features

  • Two-wire auto start
  • Mechanical governor control maintains frequency from no load to full load
  • Digital DynaGen Controller with multiple warning sensors
  • Operator’s manual and wiring diagrams
  • Class H insulation tolerates up to 180°C/356°F
  • More efficient 2/3 pitch windings for no third harmonic content
  • 2 year or 2,000 hour limited warranty

Engine Features

  • Quiet and powerful diesel engine
  • Naturally-aspirated 3-cylinder compact package
  • 500 hour service intervals
  • Mounted dry type air filter
  • Dual stage fuel filter and a water separator
  • Single-side service for easy maintenance
  • 12V starter/alternator
  • 12V run/shutdown fuel control solenoid
  • 12V glow plug starting aid
  • Heavy-duty radiator
  • Pusher-fan with fan guard

VP Brochure (T4F)


Emergency Standby / NPSP Engine – Multiple engine configurations depending on your application

Skid Kit – Fabricated steel frame for superior stability and strength

Enclosure – Galvanized metal weather enclosure with an integrated mufflerOptional skid or fuel tank must be selected with this option.

  • Enclosure w/ Level 1 Sound Attenuation – Galvanized metal weather enclosure with an integrated mufflerOptional skid or fuel tank must be selected with this option. Level 1 sound attenuation reduces sound level by approximately 3-5 dBA
  • Enclosure w/ Level 2 Sound Attenuation – Galvanized metal weather enclosure with an integrated mufflerOptional skid or fuel tank must be selected with this option.  Level 2 sound attenuation reduces sound level by approximately 5 -10 dBA

Muffler Package – Industrial-grade muffler and rain cap for open unit

Block Heater – Ideal for cold-weather engine starts

Battery Package – 12V battery and tray for immediate use

Battery Charger – For keeping your unit ready to start anytime, anywhere

Captive Mounts – Used in mobile application for additional safety

Trailer – Single axle highway ready trailer

60 Gallon Fuel Tank – Available with either a single or double wall sub-base fuel cell

VP Brochure (T4F)

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