QP 220 Generators

Strong But Silent

Our QP 220 generators are ideal for most events with long-lasting power.

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QP 220 Generators


Southwest Products’ Quiet Power 220 diesel generators include large capacity dual containment fuel cells with environmental containment basins that allow for extended run times. The durable features provide a quality appearance while delivering continuous operating data on the easy-to-read display screen and redundant analog gauges.

Standby Rating: 219 kVA / 175 kW
Prime Rating: 200 kVA / 160 kW
  • Oversized alternator with PMG for better motor starting
  • Utility outlets for customer connections
  • Electronic fuel system and governor control
  • Heavy gauge, powder coated, lockable, sound attenuated enclosure
  • Large capacity dual commitment fuel cell with environmental containment basin

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Technical Specifications

Model QP 220
Available Voltages 120/240 | 120/208 | 277/480
Standby Rating kVa/kWe 219 kVA / 175 kWe
Prime Rating kVa/kWe 200 kVA / 160 kWe
Engine Model 1106D-E66TAG4
Alternator Stamford

Engine Specifications

Engine Mfg Perkins
Model Number 1106D-E66TAG4
Spec # PW83181R
Prime Output HP (Gross) 233
Standby Output HP (Gross) 257
Emissions Certification Tier 3/Flex

Fuel Specifications

Fuel Tank Capacity 230 gal
50% Load 7.5
75% Load 10.6
100% Load 13.7

Alternator Specifications

Available Voltages 120/240 | 120/208 | 277/480
277/480 Volt Prime Amps PF .08 240.9
277/480 Volt Standby Amps PF .08 264.4
120/208 Volt Prime Amps PF .08 555.8
120/208 Volt Standby Amps PF .08 607.9
120/240 Volt Prime Amps PF 1.0 666.7
120/240 Volt Standby Amps PF 1.0 729.2

Enclosure Specifications

Length – Enclosure Only 153″
Width 51″
Height 68″
Weight – Dry 6,495 lbs
Length with Trailer 231″
Width with Trailer 82″
Height with Trailer 87″
Weight with Trailer 8,400 lbs
Weight Ready to Run 10,100 lbs
Sound dBA level at 23ft. 71 dBA


Reliable, Sturdy, and Environmentally Friendly

  • Heavy duty, 4-cycle, direct injection, turbo charged diesel engine
  • Oversized alternator with PMG for better motor starting
  • Heavy gauge, powder coated, lockable enclosure
  • Dual containment fuel cell with environmental containment basin
  • Robust construction

Extremely Quiet and Fuel Efficient

  • Sound attenuation for superior noise reduction
  • EPA FLEX products (Tier 3 technology) JP-8 compatible
  • Electric fuel system and governor control
  • Large capacity fuel cell for long run times

Easy to Use Connection and Service Points

  • Up to 500 hour service intervals
  • Multi-voltage switch with utility outlet power in all voltage modes
  • Bus bar, cam-lok, and utility outlets for customer connections
  • SWP Tough Series TG410 digital genset controller
  • Digital engine/generator controller with redundant analog gauges/meters
  • Single point lift


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