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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our Lube Trucks.

How durable is your truck construction?
  • Certified carbon structural steel is used in the construction of all our tanks, as well as the lube truck beds.
  • ASTM A36 Hardened steel gives you the durability you want for the longevity, reliability, and safety you need.
  • The bed platform is also spring-mounted, which protects the tanks against stress and gives the body a longer life.
What safety precautions are taken with the fuel tanks?
  • Fuel tanks are baffled both fore and aft, as well as side-to-side, to keep fuel secure even in rough terrain. This makes it easier to reach your fleet, no matter where they are.
  • Both the fuel tank and bed platform are spring mounted fore and aft to allow the bed movement during travel to protect the tanks against unnecessary stress.
What type of hydraulic components are used?

Only the most reliable, industry-leading components are used in our hydraulic systems to provide the highest-quality performance, so you can operate with the speed and efficiency necessary to improve your bottom line.

How accessible is the plumbing?

The JIC fittings, manifolds and bulk heading on our fuel and lube trucks provide a maintenance-friendly plumbing system that gives you the ability to “take apart” (as opposed to “tear apart”) your plumbing in the event you need to change out lines or pumps. This allows you to focus more on maintaining your equipment instead of your lube and lube truck.

What are the truck specs?

For the 2,000 Gallon Double Axle Fuel and Lube Truck, the specs are as follows:

Tank Qty Capacity
Fuel compartment 1 2,000 Gallons _
Oil Tanks 5 100 Gallons
Stainless Steel Coolant Tank __ 1 75 Gallons
Waste Oil Tank 1 100 Gallons
Air Compressor 1 30 CFM
Grease Drum & Kit 1 120 lbs

For the 1,000 Gallon Double Axle Fuel and Lube Truck, the specs are as follows:

Tank Qty Capacity
Fuel compartment 1 1,000 Gallons __
Oil Tanks 5 75 Gallons
Stainless Steel Coolant Tank __ 1 50 Gallons
Waste Oil Tank 1 100 Gallons
Air Compressor 1 30 CFM
Grease Drum & Kit 1 120 lbs

For the Preventative Maintenance Truck, the specs are as follows:

Tank Qty Capacity
Oil Tank 2 180 Gallons __
Oil Tank 1 200 Gallons
Oil Tank 2 70 Gallons
Waste Oil Tank 1 400 Gallons
Stainless Steel Coolant Tank 1 60 Gallons
Stainless Steel Used Coolant Tank __ 1 120 lbs
Are your trucks customizable?

Absolutely! Our design process allows you to choose the specs needed to create a faster, more efficient PM truck with the configuration that is right for the specific job(s) you need to do.

Our team of experienced staff are ready to provide recommendations for what you will need and help calculate the best ROI for your business model.

You will also find many of our Standard Features are “Options” on other trucks.

What are your Standard Features?

Some of our Standard Features include:

  • The full-size reel enclosure cabinet includes extra heavy-duty Lincoln and Hannay reels
  • High quality, manifold-driven Rexroth hydraulics
  • Structural steel beds
  • Roll up door with LED DOT lighting and back-up alarm
  • User-friendly switch box installed in the reel cabinet to power the entire truck with the flip of a switch
  • Enviro liner mounted on top of bed, bottom of tanks, cabinets, top of fuel tank, and between roll-over protection ladder

Most other trucks offer these features only as a Premium with an up-charge. We believe they are important enough to be included in every vehicle we sell (where item is applicable).

What Options do you offer?

Our most common options for customizing your vehicle include:


  • 75 Gallon hydraulic pressure wash system, including hand wash
  • Five roll-out drawers set in underbody box
  • Add or upgrade LED lights
  • Custom print & graphics package


  • Install Donaldson fuel filter (Single head with 1 filter elements)
  • Install Donalson high pressure oil filters (x5)


  • Pressure-less fuel fill system
  • Lincoln DEF system with 50 Gallon stainless tank & stainless fittings
  • Split 1750 Gallon / 250 Gallon tank (2000 Gallon Fuel and Lube Truck only)

Other documents that may be useful are:

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