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The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an immense impact in our communities.
Our primary concern is for the safety of our team members and customers.
Currently, we are operating as normal except for in-person training (tentatively suspended until August).
We continue to monitor the situation at all of our locations and will provide updates as necessary.

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A Day on the Floor with Our Generator Production Manager

A Day on the Floor with Our Generator Production Manager

A Day on the Floor with Our Generator Production Manager - Southwest Products

Every day, our generator production operations manager Chad helps ensures that each Southwest Products QP and VP generator is built with uncompromising attention to detail and quality. Take a look inside our 170,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in Surprise, AZ, and walk through his day with him as our team builds our world-class generators:

We start each day around 4:30-4:45 a.m. The first step of each day is to go over the previous day’s results from our test bay team so we can review our performance and improve efficiency and product quality. After that, our technicians get to work on the various production stages of our VP and QP generators.

This is the first station in our QP 45 assembly line.  Here our tech is coupling the engine and generator that will go inside of a QP 45, which is one of our new Tier 4 Final mobile generators. This model is powered by Isuzu and has the highest level of EPA emissions compliance. The next step is to hang the wiring harness on the engine and attach fuel hoses.

Here our skilled technician is wiring the generator end to the proper customer requirements, each wire is strategically placed to ensure no chafing and the cable routing is such to allow for repeatability each and every time, so the customer has a standard product.

This tech is hard at work cabling a new QP 80. This is the second to last station in this assembly line and this unit will be in test first thing tomorrow.

Last up for today is working at our training/inspection display. This tech is using our training/inspection display to ensure we build quality and repeatability into our generators. This is the outlet panel or customer connection panel for our QP 80 that will be into test tomorrow. By incorporating training regularly into our process, we’re able to consistently produce generators that are both high quality and highly reliable.

Final step is ensuring the customer receives their units on time every time. These QP units are ready to be shipped out and get to work on a customer’s jobsite.

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