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3 Ways SWP Lube Trucks Lower Total Cost of Ownership

3 Ways SWP Lube Trucks Lower Total Cost of Ownership

SWP Lube Trucks Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Your lube truck is critical for keeping your heavy equipment up and running on today’s demanding jobsites. Cost to maintain and service your truck can add up over its lifetime, which is why you need a durable option with a low cost of ownership. Southwest Products lube trucks are built with advanced design and technology that keeps them running in the toughest conditions. Many other lube trucks aren’t built with the same cost reducing features that come standard on SWP lube trucks. Here’s a few ways SWP lowers your total cost of ownership:



Advanced Lube Truck Design

Each SWP lube truck comes standard with a hydraulic system built with the latest components, which empowers operators to deliver fuel, lube and oil to their heavy equipment fleets at a faster pace. The hydraulic system has a pressure compensated main hydraulic pump and oil pumps are manifolded separately to ensure the most efficient and consistent flow for the life of the vehicle. Our top of the line fuel meter allows for better tracking of fuel dispensed to improve cost analysis and accuracy. Our lube truck’s fuel system has a multi-speed pumping design that allows you to fill fuel tanks more appropriately to the equipment you are filling, increasing the efficiency of your operations and lowering operating costs.

Durable Body Construction

A lube truck represents a long-term commitment to preventative maintenance for your fleet, and you need a lube truck that will last for years into the future. SWP’s lube trucks are built to handle extreme conditions that operators face daily in mining, construction, agriculture and other tough industries.

Each truck features a spring mounted bed platform on the fore and aft, which protects fuel tanks from unnecessary stress during travel. Without a spring mounted bed platform, fuel tanks are prone to leaks which can require costly repair and can lead to environmental fines. Certified A36 carbon structural steel is used in construction of all tanks and lube truck beds to provide durability that lasts for years. These features give your lube truck body a longer life and lower service costs.

Your SWP lube truck’s pump lasts up to 8 million gallons while the typical pump that comes standard on other lube trucks only lasts for 1 million. It’s built with a pressure compensation feature that allows for a fuel return in order to keep pump temperature down, further extending its life and reducing replacement costs.

“Take Apart” not “Tear Apart” Maintenance

Without leak-free, maintenance-friendly plumbing, you can end up spending more time and money fixing your lube truck instead of maintaining your equipment. That’s why SWP Lube Trucks are built with JIC fittings, manifolds and bulk heading so that you can quickly and easily change out lines or pumps when needed. Instead of tearing apart the plumbing in the event of an issue, SWP lube trucks are designed with easily-accessible components for swift servicing – increasing the uptime of your truck and lower service time.

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